Monday, January 24, 2011


Another windy day in Poway. No one saw Ricky bring any food to Lucy.

At 10:23 bb4dandylion had the video going and captured Lucy laying her first egg! THe video is out on YouTube at The official time for the first egg was 10:30am pst.

Lucy cared for and covered the egg like she had done it before.

Ricky was on time leaving the palm 6:50pm, but didn't go directly to the owl box, probably due to the wind. He finally showed up at 7:10pm, without a treat, bonded and stood in the doorway heading into the wind. Never saw him bring a treat prior to 10pm. The wind must impactt he hunting.

A new perch was added outside overlooking one of the corals where there are a lot of gophers.

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