Friday, January 28, 2011


Nothing in the box this morning. Reports are that Ricky was dropping treats off during the night. A link to YouTube show him bringing in a rat. Lucy immediately tears off the head.

Lucy was due for egg3 yesterday. The winds picked up mid day. The wind may have contributed to the delay. After many false starts and an hour of trying to hork, she piled in the corner and dropped an egg at 5:18pm. Literally. We heard it drop with a thud.

Ricky left the palm tree at 6:50, but did not go to the box. The wind affects his activity as well.


Lucy spent a peaceful day tending to her 2 eggs. She had a rabbit in the box this morning. She spent the day nibbling on it,

Late in the day she tried to gulp it down but gave up.


Lucy had no treats left when Ricky left in the morning. It may be tied to the fact that she is due to lay an egg.

The egg watch was on by 10am yesterday, but Lucy held out until 12:44pm. She has no problem taking care of the two eggs. It would be nice if there was more stuff in the box. You can hear the eggs rolling around on the wood floor.

Ricky arrived on schedule at 6:45pm last night.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Lucy is doing a good job at caring for her 1st egg. Ricky did bring some treats overnight, but nothing left in the box for the day.

12:44 Lucy laid her second egg!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Lucy woke to having a large treat in the box. It was a rabbit which she snacked on all day.

Ricky arrive promptly at 6:46, bonded, but didn’t bring a treat. He left and returned several times empty handed. Lucy left twice after dark, but only for a couple of minutes each time.

Monday, January 24, 2011


Another windy day in Poway. No one saw Ricky bring any food to Lucy.

At 10:23 bb4dandylion had the video going and captured Lucy laying her first egg! THe video is out on YouTube at The official time for the first egg was 10:30am pst.

Lucy cared for and covered the egg like she had done it before.

Ricky was on time leaving the palm 6:50pm, but didn't go directly to the owl box, probably due to the wind. He finally showed up at 7:10pm, without a treat, bonded and stood in the doorway heading into the wind. Never saw him bring a treat prior to 10pm. The wind must impactt he hunting.

A new perch was added outside overlooking one of the corals where there are a lot of gophers.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Beautiful day in the box. A couple of doves landed on the perches and disturbed Lucy but the moved on. No food in the box today. Lucy had 2 mice before midnight and one in the morning. May have had more, but the camera drops out so the viewers do too.

Ricky came by like clockwork at 5:45pm, but seems slow the bring food. Bonded 3 times by 7pm but no food. At 9:30, he came again and bonded, but no food. Moments later both left…. First Ricky came back and landed on the west side of the roof. Then Lucy landed on the east perch. Glowing eyes looking all around. Both are on the roof now. Lucy just snuggled from the east side of the roof over by Ricky. Then Lucy went to the doorway perch and into the box. Ricky did not follow.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Calm day, not hot yesterday. Lucy seemed restless. Lucy had 2 snacks before 9pm last night. I saw one posting that there was another one in the box at 1:30 am. Camera keeps going dark. There is a manual control for the night camera LED’s. Ustreamer suggested the screensaver might be the cause. I checked the power saver utility too. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Lucy was in the brooding position first thing this morning, teasing that there might be an egg, but there wasn’t. She is practicing that position. Nothing to eat in the box for today.

Friday, January 21, 2011


Lucy spent a rough day in the owl box. Santa Ana winds whipping around had her rocking pretty good. She didn't have anything to eat all day and Ricky arrived late, after 6pm. They did their thing, coming and going all night. I saw Lucy eat a rodent at 3am and then again at 6am this morning. Nothing left in the box for today.