Saturday, January 22, 2011


Calm day, not hot yesterday. Lucy seemed restless. Lucy had 2 snacks before 9pm last night. I saw one posting that there was another one in the box at 1:30 am. Camera keeps going dark. There is a manual control for the night camera LED’s. Ustreamer suggested the screensaver might be the cause. I checked the power saver utility too. We’ll see what happens tonight.

Lucy was in the brooding position first thing this morning, teasing that there might be an egg, but there wasn’t. She is practicing that position. Nothing to eat in the box for today.


  1. Dennis: I keep trying to post a comment to your blog message but I still can't do it w/o selecting a profile. I know we're both learning about this blog thing and I'll be patient while we figure it out.


  2. Wow! I did it! So, thank you for this lovely blog page and keeping us up to date on Lucy and the Rickstar's actions. Patiently awaiting Lucy's first egg. If I miss it, I hope it will be videod so I can play it back over and over to watch her turn around and say in owleze: "What the heck is THAT?????" Thanks again for sharing Lucy and Ricky with us.