Sunday, January 23, 2011


Beautiful day in the box. A couple of doves landed on the perches and disturbed Lucy but the moved on. No food in the box today. Lucy had 2 mice before midnight and one in the morning. May have had more, but the camera drops out so the viewers do too.

Ricky came by like clockwork at 5:45pm, but seems slow the bring food. Bonded 3 times by 7pm but no food. At 9:30, he came again and bonded, but no food. Moments later both left…. First Ricky came back and landed on the west side of the roof. Then Lucy landed on the east perch. Glowing eyes looking all around. Both are on the roof now. Lucy just snuggled from the east side of the roof over by Ricky. Then Lucy went to the doorway perch and into the box. Ricky did not follow.

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  1. This is great. Thanks for the update and blog. Good luck with the working thing. I became a follower. Blessings, Janet (JanKW on chats)